A northeast Ohio native growing up in Amherst, OH, I have called Ohio home except for a 5 year adventure to New Mexico pursuing my undergraduate studies in Astrophysics. I consider myself a man of many distractions and interests.

Currently, I am attending Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) as a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Physiology & Biophysics studying Cellular and Molecular Biophysics. It is my hope to graduate by the end of 2013, concluding a 25-year relationship with school. I am excited to finally publish the first-half of my research on voltage-dependent potassium channels in the Journal of Membrane Biology and hope for a speedy acceptance of the 2nd manuscript. You can view my first manuscript here: "Role of outer-pore residue Y380 in U-type inactivation of Kv2.1 channels."

Though I have been shaped for many years in an academic environment, to say my experience has been restricted to a purely academic environment is inaccurate.

I recently ended two terms as President of the CWRU Graduate Student Senate. As spokesperson for the 2100-member graduate student body, I liaised between many graduate students and several bodies within the University, including service on the Faculty Senate and University Board of Trustees. I met regularly with the highest echelons of leadership at CWRU, networking with numerous divisions and departments across over 7 schools to communicate graduate student needs. Besides providing graduate students with numerous opportunities at professional development and personal growth not available to them in the classroom and lab environment where the priority is research, publication, and results, the Graduate Student Senate oversaw several important initiatives under my leadership, including:

  • Securing a full subsidy of all doctoral health care premiums by FY 2014 - an achievement 5 years in the making, representing a $1+ million dollar investment on behalf of the university for nearly 1,000 doctoral students
  • Founding and co-chairing an unprecedented coalition of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to build consensus on student needs from the Veale athletic facility, ratifying an intergovernmental resolution delivered to university leaders and trustees.
  • Securing a physical office of the Graduate Student Senate in Tomlinson Hall
  • Securing part-time staff-support from the Division of Student Affairs, an achievement which will serve the GSS for many years to come.

I have extensive experience with website management, having hosted a personal website since 1995. I am a self-taught developer, with skills in backend development with PHP and MySQL to frontend presentation in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I have created websites used by the CWRU Graduate Student Senate and PFLAG Cleveland, both including self-authored PHP/MySQL content management systems. I previously managed the website for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Cleveland Steering Committee and the New Mexico Tech Advising Resource Center. However, more recently, I have confined my website administration to transitioning my personal website and the website of the Cleveland Chapter of Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) to Google Sites which promises a dynamic, rich set of web-authoring tools to broadcast our non-profit’s services to the Greater Cleveland community. I have had the pleasure of serving on the board of PFLAG Cleveland since 2008.

However, when I am not volunteering, researching, or networking in the community, I am also an avid outdoorsman and photographer, shooting with my Canon 7D. I never pass up the chance to explore a new trail with my digital camera. I also enjoy camping, biking, kayaking, canoeing, stargazing, snowshoeing, skiing, and bonfires. I enjoy music on my surround but also play piano, being classically trained for over 10 years. I am also a huge fan of America’s Test Kitchen, and love cooking. Otherwise, also enjoy games, geeky and nerdy stuff, history, politics, and astronomy. There's very little I don't enjoy doing, and I am always looking to try out new stuff.

You can reach me at webmaster@quentinjamieson.com